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Meet Us

Meet Us


Women are the most underestimated species on earth; yet when we get together, expect the unexpected. Catrina and Twana Wilson, founders of Shared Visions by CaTwa (pronounced Kuh-Twah) and women entrepreneurs themselves, are known as the Dynamic Duo who stand strong in their beliefs unapologetically. Separately they are each a power house of knowledge and commitment. Together the chemistry of their shared creativity supports their passion to impact the world of women in a positive way. Like many women entrepreneurs, Catrina and Twana reached their career goals only to discover their purpose was something greater.


Aware of the complex history of women collectively, in particularly women of color, Catrina and Twana formed Shared Visions By CaTwa, LLC, an entrepreneurial consulting service based in Atlanta, GA, as a way to influence the masses to invest in themselves and the next generation; to create their own fortunes from their misfortunes and to fearlessly utilize their God-given talents to connect their passion in alignment with their purpose and reach their fullest potential.


Ladies ~ Catrina and Twana know all too well what it is like to be stuck in the struggle and what it feels like to buy into a system that repeatedly fails you, keeping you brainwashed, broke and broken. In the early 90’s when they were in their young 20’s, they unfortunately found themselves in the same financial situation as their parents once were. They had to work two jobs to make ends meet, “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” and frequented pawnshops between paychecks just to keep a roof over their heads, food in their frig and clothes on their backs. Sometimes, you just get sick and tired of being sick and tired and that was true for Catrina and Twana. Desperately looking for a way out, they too followed the one traditional career path we are all taught to depend on – they went to college to pursue a higher education, obtained more than one degree to increase their chances of job security and better options, landed a “good job” in Corporate America and climbed the corporate ladder. However, after all was said and done, although better off than they once were, they were miserably unhappy being enslaved in a system that underutilized their talents, undervalued their worth, underpaid them for their hard work and contributions and overworked them to build someone else’s dreams, while they neglected their own.


After all the years they remained dedicated and loyal to school and their employers, Catrina and Twana ended up with unimaginable debt, unexpectedly terminated and was left bankrupt emotionally and financially. Feeling robbed and betrayed, they decided to get smart, invested in themselves and created their own opportunities rather than waiting for a better opportunity to come. They started their own business and turned their lives around dramatically.  They went from struggling to success, barely surviving to thriving, unemployment to self-employment and transitioning to positioning.  Today they can proudly share a very different story with you. . .


Catrina and Twana are Entrepreneurial Consultants, Transformational Coaches, Speakers and Best-Selling Authors! Not only did they find a way out for themselves by following their vision, but they are reaching back to help individuals just like you (women 35-55), coast to coast, in breathing life into your vision so that your dream is kept alive and thriving. They invite you to become a “Visionette” and join them in the movement of being infectious with positive energy, an optimistic outlook and confidence throughout your community and the world. Their goal is to put you first and to help you realize you are an exceptional asset. Hopefully, you will share in their vision. Start by letting the world know who you are and “Walk in Your Awesomeness” every day!

Catrina Wilson. . . speaker, writer, poet and advocate at heart, has a diverse entrepreneurial portfolio.CatrinaCo-Founder/President

She is a real estate investor, Co-Founder and President of Shared Visions By CaTwa, LLC and CaTwa Fitz, LLC clothing line, VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning and heavily participates in community outreach.


She holds degrees in Registered Nursing, Behavioral Health and Healthcare Administration, in addition to several certifications in leadership excellence and public relations, with over 30 years of experience in Corporate America, Business Management and various roles in consulting and education.

Twana Wilson, Entrepreneur since 2002, is the Co-Founder and TwanaCo-Founder/CEOCEO of Shared Visions By CaTwa, LLC and CaTwa Fitz, LLC clothing line, Executive Director of Finance and Sales & Marketing and is deeply involved in the communities for which she serves.


In addition, she has owned multiple investment properties and holds degrees in Business Management, Behavioral Health and Healthcare Administration and a plethora of certifications to include organizational leadership, public relations and business operations. At her core, she is a philosopher, educator and community leader.

Catrina and Twana are #1 Best-Selling Authors of “The Untold Story ~ Live with Your Regrets, Die with Your Dreams, or Choose to Walk in Your Awesomeness.” Their books were seen on ABC, CBS, CW, Fox News and NBC, they have been featured on several media platforms, to include We Help You Thrive Radio, The Co-Founders Show and The Pro Business Channel, just to name a few and they are very transparent in discussing their transformational journey from struggling to success, barely surviving to thriving . . .


Both have an avid interest in the betterment of communities around the globe and this can be witnessed by their loyalty and dedication to mentorship programs for women and girls, their community participation and their genuine concern for societal issues that they candidly address in their speaking engagements.


Catrina and Twana have excitedly joined the “Let Girls Learn” movement, a government initiative lead by Michelle Obama.  Also, they have united with the Girl Scouts of Atlanta as mentors for junior business owners and educators for the financial literacy, STEM and fitness programs. Also, they participate in Destiny’s Daughters of Promise leadership development program and are Alumni Mentors for the University of Phoenix Higher Learning, all of which gives them the opportunity to make a profound impact on females for higher education and in business. They are always looking for ways to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and teams who have a strong desire and sense of urgency to make the world a better place.


Our mission is to share in your vision and breathe life into it; to empower and inspire women to invest in themselves and “walk in their awesomeness,” to connect their puzzle piece to the endless possibilities and to provide mentorship in their transformational journey to personal and business development.


Our vision is to connect with women of all ethnicities, socio-economic class and diverse backgrounds, to desensitize their minds and re-program their beliefs about success, thereby, bringing a higher level of awareness that enables a direct link to their greatness; to inspire them to change their circumstances and outlook on life, by leveraging the power of a changed mind and the willingness to propel themselves into action.

Share Your Journey, Share Your Story,

With Shared Visions By CaTwa



We give back to a variety of charitable organizations. Select an organization of your choice or allow us to. You can make a one-time or monthly recurring donation through the security of PayPal.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and go towards a worthy cause:


​Shared Visions By CaTwa Consultants specialize in start-up companies and small businesses and assist entrepreneurs, whereby a non-intimidating, step-by-step approach is utilized to educate, guide, support and personally mentor women who aspire to start their own business.  Our clients enjoy two experts who use a straight-forward method to deliver impactful instruction in a conducive learning environment.  We provide mobile consulting and demonstrate customer service excellence.  We'll tell you HOW to succeed in the business world from concept to development with no holds barred.





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