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Entrepreneurial Experts and Women Mentors Catrina and Twana teach you HOW to start and sustain a thriving business, one that is in alignment with your passion and purpose, which will provide you with a true opportunity to succeed while being fulfilled. You will learn from other women mentors the necessary skills and the fundamental components that are essential to the long-term success for every entrepreneur. Our consulting services and mentorship programs are intended to build your business muscles and propel you into action so you can reap the benefits of living the life you were meant to live. You will feel empowered, motivated and liberated!




  • FREE Initial Assessments (1-hour) – A series of personal and professional assessments by women mentors are available to better help us identify your skill-set, interests, commitment and readiness level and to further discover, uncover and determine who you are meant to be.
  • Sound Start-up and Small Business Advice – We assist you in understanding and preparing for the complexity of business logistics, formalities and legalities and we provide you with the tools and resources necessary to start and sustain a successful business.
  • Private Consultations – are conducted in a central meeting location, where privacy is offered. This arrangement gives our clients the opportunity to ask personal and confidential questions without being in the presence of others and it enables the consultants to openly address concerns that may not otherwise be addressed in an open setting.
  • Personalized Guidance – A personal guide unique to our clients’ needs is created for each individual we work with; however, is delivered in small sections, so as not to cause undue stress or be too overwhelming. The various sections of business-related matters are thoroughly discussed at every meeting until the client and consultant feels confident to move forward in the process, ensuring your level of understanding and gently pushing you beyond your comfort zone.
  • Group Sessions/Projects – are offered for those who are looking to receive a general crash course in business. Some people like this setting because it positions them in a room with other like-minded individuals who have the same or similar questions/concerns and it gives our clients the opportunity to network, bounce ideas off of one another, have open discussions and work together as a group inside and outside of class.
  • In-Services/Workshops – Varied business-related topics are discussed in this informal setting. This is typically a five-module, interactive series, wherein, the women attending will learn about career transitioning, how to take their idea from concept to development, the mind-set of a successful entrepreneur, the importance of building a network of resources, the key to creating multiple revenue streams (to include, but not limited to speaking and writing), marketing/branding and working smarter NOT harder, while doing the work you love. We often invite experienced and successful business women to candidly talk to the attendees about their business journey, which offers valuable insight and practical guidelines that can be applied to your journey.
  • Mentorship Programs – Catrina and Twana “hold your hand” through what can be an intimidating journey. They utilize their years of experience to guide you along the way and share with you their own trials and tribulations, so that you do not make the same mistakes. This program offers an exclusive opportunity to build longevity in your business while building a long-term relationship with experts who have been where you have been.
  • Virtual Consultations via SKYPE (Available for Out-of-State Clients): SKYPE is available based on the needs of our clients who would be a good match for this service. Typically this option is offered to our clients who are out-of-state, however, we open up this option to others if it is a feasible solution for all parties.




  • Business Etiquette
  • Money Management Guidelines
  • Time Management and Organizational Tips
  • Reliable Tools and Resources
  • Honest Advice
  • Effective Solutions
  • Winning Strategies
  • An Ongoing and Trusting Relationship
  • Mobile Consulting
  • Monthly Discounts and Promotions
  • Superior Customer Service
  • A one-of-a-kind experience





​Shared Visions By CaTwa Consultants specialize in start-up companies and small businesses and assist entrepreneurs, whereby a non-intimidating, step-by-step approach is utilized to educate, guide, support and personally mentor women who aspire to start their own business.  Our clients enjoy two experts who use a straight-forward method to deliver impactful instruction in a conducive learning environment.  We provide mobile consulting and demonstrate customer service excellence.  We'll tell you HOW to succeed in the business world from concept to development with no holds barred.





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