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Wendy W.

MA-Psychology/BS-Social Work Professional Business Woman Brooklyn, NY

“Inspiration is measured by the impact of a profound selfless message meant to empower the powerless or a deliberate act of kindness that uplifts our citizens who may be feeling hopeless. Catrina and Twana have dedicated their lives to making their community an environment that all their neighbors can take pride in. I'm  proud of all the work their doing to make all of our lives better today than it was yesterday."


Tracy C.

Teacher’s Assistant and Student, AS Professional Business Woman San Diego, CA

“I am so proud of these two amazing women and have the utmost respect and admiration for them. They have always inspired me to do my very best in life and to reach for my dreams. To see them take it a step further by reaching out to others around the world is beautiful. Not only do they strive for excellence, but they share those visions with others who may have never imagined it possible and that is a very selfless act. These women are true examples of what it means to empower one another. They've changed my life and way of thinking. Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of your vision."

Sankofa F.

Principal, M.A.T. Professional Business Woman San Diego, CA

“Mrs. Twana and Mrs. Catrina are very admirable for making positive changes within their community for women. They keep me motivated through their personal successes and encouragement. They are mentor worthy. Thank you, ladies!"

Nakita Coates

Business Owner/Founder, Tech Time Academy Professional Business Woman Atlanta, GA

“I am delighted to have met Catrina and Twana and would highly recommend them for business consultations and operations. Their knowledge, experience, and passion for helping the community makes them a great resource to support any business endeavors. What I appreciate most is that they took the time to listen to what my goals are for my business, provided a solid solution, and then offered additional support and guidance along the way. Shared Visions has inspired me in so many ways and I look forward to a continued working relationship and support."


​Shared Visions By CaTwa Consultants specialize in start-up companies and small businesses and assist entrepreneurs, whereby a non-intimidating, step-by-step approach is utilized to educate, guide, support and personally mentor women who aspire to start their own business.  Our clients enjoy two experts who use a straight-forward method to deliver impactful instruction in a conducive learning environment.  We provide mobile consulting and demonstrate customer service excellence.  We'll tell you HOW to succeed in the business world from concept to development with no holds barred.





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