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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?



IT’S NOT TOO LATE! You can “Walk in Your Awesomeness” at any age. You no longer need to wait for the lottery to foster your dreams. You can attain an investment portfolio of a successful-minded business person, the mental stability desired and the fulfillment ultimately designed specifically for you. Once provided with the steps and necessary small business tools for the winning ticket to wealth, you will reap immeasurable benefits by beginning the construction process for your own business, while maintaining and steadily expanding your empire. You do not truly want to live with regret, so start now and solidify your future by allowing Shared Visions By CaTwa to properly educate you and become your personal mentors.


An assessment is the first phase to this complexed sector, a personal and professional questionnaire is conducted. Afterwards, the gathered information leads to whether or not the small business arena is for you. We then assist in defining and aligning your passion and purpose. Next, we assist clients in the complicated small business logistics, formalities and legalities that will follow. An ongoing relationship is developed and each question and concern will be addressed thoroughly.



Time management, organizational skills and understanding each aspect of small business operations are an essential phase of entrepreneurship and are required to build a concrete foundation for your business. There is a multitude of decision-making considerations, from determining your small business concept, devising the necessary business and marketing plans, creating financial strategies and funding sources, to establishing your home-based, brick and mortar or franchise location, obtaining licenses and permits, comprehending zoning laws and selecting the appropriate legal business structures, intellectual property, contract agreements, social media venues and building your brand.


Shared Visions By CaTwa will guide clients through each aspect of these challenging procedures that makes the pursuit of entrepreneurship seem virtually impossible. Timing is totally relevant, balancing family, business and a day-job is not simple, however, proper time-management and organizational skills will enable you to incorporate effective solutions. With our expertise and guidance, we are extremely confident that the results will be successful.


Superior customer service appears to be a skill of the past, Shared Visions By CaTwa prides themselves on providing quality assurance, genuine concern, professionalism and personable services. Our clients are the bloodline of our business, therefore, exceptional customer service is the heartbeat that keeps us thriving. A smile goes for miles and you can rely on warm greetings, prompt responses, consistent accountability and above standard behaviors. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations because we truly know how vital it is to be treated with utmost respect and high-regard.


Shared Visions By CaTwa listens attentively to our clients’ needs, so as to offer advice that is honest, unbiased and valuable. Unlike the atmosphere of a work environment when starting a new job, which we all know the intimidating feelings that comes with, you can actually ask us as many questions and for as many times as needed! You can count on us to be there for you when you need us the most and we are available to provide candid feedback that will enable you to view your situation from a different perspective. Empowering women to strengthen their presence worldwide and forming unities throughout each community is our philosophy. Accomplishing these ideals occurs by motivating, cultivating, inspiring and impacting the future of business women state-to-state and nation-to-nation, to further establish our position within the very core of this world.



​Shared Visions By CaTwa Consultants specialize in start-up companies and small businesses and assist entrepreneurs, whereby a non-intimidating, step-by-step approach is utilized to educate, guide, support and personally mentor women who aspire to start their own business.  Our clients enjoy two experts who use a straight-forward method to deliver impactful instruction in a conducive learning environment.  We provide mobile consulting and demonstrate customer service excellence.  We'll tell you HOW to succeed in the business world from concept to development with no holds barred.





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