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Are YOU TIRED of working your nine to five and building someone else’s dreams? Do you feel underutilized, undervalued, underpaid, overworked and UNFULFILLED? Are you disappointed that you keep buying into a BROKEN SYSTEM that repeatedly fails you, leaving you BRAINWASHED and drowning in debt, paying off degrees? Do you have BIG Goals, BIG Dreams and BIG Visions and know you are here for something greater, but you lack the HOW TO? Do you FEAR change, FEAR letting go of that “cozy corporate job,” FEAR failure or success, or feel that you are over the age limit to pursue your dreams? ﷯What other LIMITING BELIEFS do you have that keeps you PARALYZED from making progress and allows your DREAMS TO DIE? Are you READY to start a PASSION-filled, PURPOSE-driven business, one that is in alignment with the truth of who you are, but you don’t know the next steps to take? How long has this kept you awake at night? Will you allow time to keep passing by? Is your FEAR stronger than your FAITH? YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR STORY AND LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES. YOU OWE IT TO YOU TO INVEST IN YOURSELF AND YOU CAN “WALK IN YOUR AWESOMENESS” AT ANY AGE WITHOUT PERMISSION! Collectively, Women are in this struggle together. Without realizing it, we self-sabotage the life we are deserving of because we spend an excess amount of time convincing ourselves that we are NOT SMART enough, LUCKY enough, RICH enough, WORTHY enough, ATTRACTIVE enough, or ENOUGH just as we are; We get in our own way. We live in a BRAINWASHED society that teaches us one path to success. . . Go to school, graduate with a diploma, get a higher education and obtain a degree, land your “dream job” in Corporate America, climb the ladder, retire well and live happily ever after. Yet, we are not given a back-up plan for how to succeed WHEN this FAIRYTALE turns into a NIGHTMARE ~ When we end up with DEBT, a DEAD-END job, LAID OFF, UNEMPLOYED. . .Back to the STRUGGLE. WE understand how you feel because WE have walked in your shoes. We have worked in Corporate America for 30 years, while we knowingly deferred our dreams. Why? Because it was a FAMILIAR place to be, a COMFORTABLE routine, it provided for our livelihood and it offered a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY, BUT . . .At the end of the day, we were UNHAPPY and it was an UNHEALTHY cycle of dissatisfaction to feel IMMOBILE in an UNSTABLE environment. The juggling act of working a nine to five, sometimes two to make ends meet, “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul,” the demands of life, the responsibilities of caring for your family and household, going back to school to better your chances of getting a more promising job, working your business as a side hustle and feeling burned out. This is not LIVING, this is BARELY SURVIVING! Ladies ~ A TRADITIONAL career path is an old school of thought. ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the new movement! Once we realized we were allowing ourselves to be incarcerated by a system that is set-up to keep you dependent on it and addicted to it, we decided to get smart and invest our time, energy and hard earned money into ourselves. You too CAN and SHOULD create your own opportunities and wealth and STOP making someone else wealthy off your talents, sweat and years of loyalty. It doesn’t have to be this way. You and your family deserve more than a mediocre life. We know change can be UNCOMFORTABLE and stepping out on faith can be SCARY, but you don’t have to do it ALONE. We are here for you. BUT. . . You do need to have a VISION, be willing to SHARE YOUR STORY And BELIEVE that you can ACHIEVE anything your heart desires. We have learned how to transition from CORPORATE AMERICA Into the WORLD OF BUSINESS without disrupting our lifestyle. There is so MUCH MORE to life than being stuck behind a desk or cubicle, surrounded by office politics and negative energy, feeling ENSLAVED and ENTRAPPED. It all starts by making a different CHOICE and changing your MIND-SET. Your DREAMS do not EXPIRE unless you allow them to! It is your BIRTHRIGHT to live a life of ENTITLED fulfillment. No One is EXEMPT from ABUNDANCE! We INVITE you to reach out to us for help. Don’t be too proud to ASK. We will start with a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session, Next, we will help you BREAKTHROUGH your challenges; Then, we will help you CONNECT your PASSION to your PURPOSE, And construct a business based on AUTHENTICITY; Let us EDUCATE, GUIDE and SUPPORT you during your transformation. BECOME A “VISIONETTE” AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT This IS for WOMEN who are ready to: • Commit to themselves and change their current circumstances ﷯ • Create fortunes from their misfortunes and expect great things to happen • Be open to receive education, guidance and support from experienced professionals • Change your conditioned mind-set and learn a new school of thought • Understand the power of your message and share your story with others • Accept gentle challenges that will propel you forward and keep you in action • Stop hiding behind your shadow and let your light shine brightly • Pay your dues by investing time, energy, finances to get to your next level • Know your worth, own your truth and embrace your power • Create endless possibilities This is NOT for Women who: • Are looking for an overnight success story • Need approval or permission to do what is best for them • Are not ready to stay the course and be consistent • Are more afraid than they are brave enough to at least make their best effort • Are not ready to hear the truth, so they can make the necessary changes • Are not willing to do whatever is necessary to succeed • Are not teachable and feel that they are satisfied with where they are • Come with excessive emotional baggage and need extra hand-holding • Don’t have the motivation and ambition to do the work required WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: We will take the opportunity to review every application we receive; however, the Discovery Session is for women seriously considering working with us. During our call, this is an opportunity for us to get better acquainted. We will have an open dialogue and questions are strongly encouraged. Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence, as we highly respect your privacy. The time you spend with us on the Discovery Session will: • Be an eye-opening, breakthrough experience • Immediately help you identify your challenges • Provide some insight as to why you are struggling • Give you clarity on your message or story • Get you better organized on your priorities • Help you set realistic goals and action steps As a part of our screening process, we reserve the right to determine if we are a good fit for one another. If we mutually agree we are an ideal match, we will decide at that time which one of our programs you qualify for and would be most effective for you. You have already taken the FIRST STEP by visiting us And you have come to the right place. ~ Wholeheartedly in this Journey with You ~ Catrina and Twana


​Shared Visions By CaTwa Consultants specialize in start-up companies and small businesses and assist entrepreneurs, whereby a non-intimidating, step-by-step approach is utilized to educate, guide, support and personally mentor women who aspire to start their own business.  Our clients enjoy two experts who use a straight-forward method to deliver impactful instruction in a conducive learning environment.  We provide mobile consulting and demonstrate customer service excellence.  We'll tell you HOW to succeed in the business world from concept to development with no holds barred.





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